At North Denes Primary School, we have two reception classes. Our reception classes work closely together, sharing inside and outside areas so children have access to quality provision to support their learning.

Our curriculum details key learning experiences, texts and rhymes we want our children to experiences and this can be viewed by clicking on the link below. We use this as a starting point for our planning.

We then use observations to identify children’s learning needs and interests which informs subsequent planning.

We also use assessment checkpoints detailing expected progress across the reception year.  Please click below to see our checkpoints. All children are regularly assessed against these, ensuring we keep track of their individual progress. This also ensures all adults are aware of each child’s next steps and can support their learning and progression.

Children’s learning and development is supported by a variety of adult lead and child initiated activities, as appropriate. All this ensures children progress towards the Early Learning Goals against which they are assessed at the end of the reception year.

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