Aims & Values

Our School Motto is CARE





The motto is at the heart of everything we value and all that we work towards in school.


Our Values:

• We value our school as a learning community in which all children and adults are engaged continuously in developing and extending their own learning.
• We value the involvement of children, staff, governors, parents and carers in the decision making process of the school.
• We value each individual within the school community, with positive relationships across the school being based on mutual support, respect and trust.
• We value everybody’s right to learn and to teach in a welcoming, safe, caring, and well organised school environment.
• We value high quality teaching and learning, so that everyone is able to reach the highest level of achievement of which they are capable in all aspects of their learning.
• We value creating enjoyable and worthwhile experiences for the children in order to broaden their experiences and foster their delight in learning.
• We value equality of opportunity and regard for all, through the nurturing of positive self-esteem, motivation, determination and perseverance, which are developed through encouragement, constructive feedback and appropriate target setting.
• We value independent learning and aim to develop individuals who can think for themselves and pursue and develop their learning interests within a safe, structured and stimulating environment which encourages curiosity and perseverance.
• We value the learning process for its own sake and encourage intrinsic motivation, so that individuals can take responsibility for, and control of their own learning throughout their lives.

Our Aims:

To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which every child has the opportunity to reach the highest levels of achievement of which they are capable in all aspects of learning.
In order to do this we aim to:
• Create a welcoming and co-operative school community
• Foster the positive social and emotional development of each child
• Foster the children’s self-esteem, confidence and independence
• Ensure that each child makes good progress
• Provide the children with teaching of high quality, and a broad and balanced curriculum
• Manage available resources efficiently and effectively
• Provide a secure and enriching environment
• Provide opportunities that encourage children to work co-operatively
• Provide meaningful practical experiences
• Develop children’s awareness and sensitivity towards living things and the world in which we live
• Value each child for themselves
• Welcome parents and people from the local community

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