Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is organised by North Denes Primary School. This service is currently only available for working parents to allow children to be in school from 8am onwards. The children are given the opportunity to have a choice of food and drink for a healthy start to the day and to join in activities on offer. Children are also encouraged to be independent at these times and to make decisions for themselves, through their choice of food and drink, and to participate in informal activities with each other thus developing social and interactive skills.

Our Breakfast club endeavours:
• To provide a welcoming, safe, secure environment for pupils before the beginning of the school day.
• To enable pupils to eat breakfast before the start of the school day in a pleasant, relaxed environment.
• To employ caring supervisory staff
• To provide a calm play environment for those pupils.
• To provide an affordable service for working parents.

The cost is £2.50 per session and can be booked via school PING. If you have any difficulties booking your children into the provision, please call the school office for help.

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