School Intent: 

CARE. Cooperate, Achieve, Respect, Enjoy.

At North Denes we CARE about the quality of our PE lessons. We co-operate as a team during sports games and this helps us to build resilience and positive attitudes to competitive games. We aim to achieve in every physical activity we take part in and try to succeed to be the best we can be. We respect each other’s personal achievements and we also respect the equipment by learning how to use it to the best of our abilities. We enjoy our learning and celebrate our successes.

North Dene’s PE Vision/ Intent:

In our school we use PE to help children progress, achieve and reach their potential. We aim to build positive attitudes, confidence and individual success. We want to ensure we meet children’s individual needs and become the best sportspeople they can be through consistent teaching and learning that develops not only physical skills but also the whole child.




Get Set 4 PE 

Across all year groups to deliver a consistent PE approach for all pupils covering:

  • Social, emotional and thinking skills
  • Progressive fundamental movement skills
  • Multi ability so that all can access PE

We apply these skills in a range of additional physical activities to give a broad and balanced offer;

e.g dodgeball, sailing, horse riding, basketball

Supporting positive attitude and ‘can do’ response to develop the child as a hole emotionally and physically throughout our PE lessons.

Additional Activities

  • to promote resilience, broaden social skills and work as a team
  • celebration of our sporting achievements including sharing on our Facebook page, weekly newsletter and Good News assemblies
  • Extra curricular sports clubs for all ages
  • Curriculum experience days e.g performing arts workshops
  • learning about and being part of world wide sporting events such as the Winter Olympics

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