Year 6

The Blitz!

Year 6 have been learning about the Blitz linked to their World War Two topic, as a part of their writing they had to produce a poem. The poem had to include examples of the following: similes, personification and other features of figurative language. They capture the mood of the Blitz extremely well! Have a look at the examples below.

Frozen Kingdom Spring 1

Year 6 took part in their wow moment for their topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’, they made their own shelter, fire and even got to gut and cook their own fish. We also took a trip to the beach, where we listened to the story the Little Polar Bear in preparation for our English narrative writing- whilst there we had a visitor in the form of a common grey seal, which the children loved!

Hola Mexico Autumn 2

For the Autumn Term Year 6 celebrated their topic Hola Mexico by dressing up in celebration of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, they also experienced Mayan dance and made skull coasters to remember the day! During the topic we also made a range of Mexican food- it really did taste great!


World War 2

This Term Year 6 have been learning about World War 2, they have created model Anderson shelters and had an amazing trip to the Time and Tide. Here are some of this topics wow moments!

Frozen Kingdom – Survival Day

As part of this term’s Frozen Planet topic, we were visited from Goldcrest outdoor activity centre to run activities that gave the children a chance to experience survival situations. The activities included:

  • Fire lighting
  • Camp cooking
  • Shelter building
  • Orienteering

The children had a fantastic time and worked well as a team to survive the wilderness!

Pictures attached show some of the children completing the activities.

Aylmerton Trip in October

All children enjoyed their time at Aylmerton even though it rained every day. See photographs below.