Year 6

Aylmerton 2019

Aylmerton 2019


The residential was a real treat; the children go to go on the broads, dress up as pirates and had an amazing storyteller.

Fashion Show 2019

Fashion Show 2019

Hola Mexico- WOW moment!

Hola Mexico- WOW moment!

To launch our new topic Hola Mexico, we were visited by Lorraine who taught us aspects of the Mayan’s lives.  We looked at the instruments they used; learned about the Gods they worshiped; their beliefs; the way in which they danced; etc.  We tried on various feathered masks and some of us had our faces painted. After that, we made up our own dances!


Aylmerton Kit List



Remember the medical forms are due in by Thursday! Make sure to read the ‘Kit list’ so you don’t forget anything.

Family Cafe- A Huge Bag of Worries

Family Cafe- A Huge Bag of Worries

Year 6 would like to say a big thank you to parents and carers who came to our first cafe yesterday to hear the story ‘ The Huge Bag of Worries’.  We hope you all enjoyed making your own worry-dolls.

Family Cafe 2019

Sleepover information!


Dear Sleepovers,


The sleepover is fast approaching (starting at 7pm), so here are a few reminders of what you will need to bring with you:

  • Yourself, fed, watered and in pyjamas
  • A sleeping bag/ duvet and pillow
  • 1 bag of sweets- no nuts
  • 1 teddy
  • Sensible footwear in case we venture outside
  • All phones to be named and handed to teachers on arrival

Information for Parents and Carers:

  • Call the school if there is an emergency 01493 842063
  • Medical tablets to be labelled and handed to teacher on arrival. These will need to be accompanied by a medical form, which is available at the office
  • Remember that children need to be picked up between 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning

We can’t wait!

Year 6 Teachers


Post SATs fun!

To celebrate the end of SATs, year 6 went to Haven Seashore where they took part in rock climbing, football, pottery making and archery. Congratulations year 6!

Frozen Kingdom 2019

Year 6 survival day! In this topic we have taken on many different challenges- look at our pictures for an insight to just a few.