Year 4

Week of science fun!

For science week  we carried out an experiment into the absorbency of materials in order to find out which material would be best suited to an astro-nappy for astronauts.

We also discovered how to make silly putty. It was really fun!

Roman visit!

We had a visit from an Iceni warrior and a scary Roman general! We then visited the Time and Tide museum to learn how to become Iceni warriors and fight off the Romans.



Visit from the Dental Nurse

We had an enjoyable time with the dental nurse learning about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. We learnt about how sugar affects our teeth and then we were taught how to brush our teeth correctly. We used a purple dye sweet to show up the plaque in our mouths before brushing them clean. It was great fun!

Visit to the Sealife Centre

We had a wonderful time visiting the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth as an introduction to our Blue Abyss topic. We learnt a lot and became excited to go back to school and learn more about the creatures that live in the oceans.


Exciting visit from Dr DNA!

As part of our science exploration of solids,liquids and gases, Dr DNA popped in to show the fascinating properties of Dry Ice. We learned about the process of sublimation and why dry ice ‘creeps’ along the floor.