Year 3

Stone Age Pop Up Museum

3 Pine celebrated the end of their Tribal Tales topic with a ‘pop up’ museum to share their incredible models, information leaflets and stories relating to the Stone Age. Parents and carers were invited in to admire some extremely creative homework projects. Stonehenge had been recreated using modelling clay, salt dough, polystyrene and even custard creams and bourbon biscuits!


Play in a Day

Year 3 had a great day learning about “Love Food..Hate Waste!” We learned the play in one day and performed it for Year 4.

Year 3 trip to the seafront

Year 3 trip to the seafront

Year 3 visited Great Yarmouth seafront for the day in order to see what attracts people to the town. They enjoyed playing on the sand, buying ice creams, sketching buildings and filling out a tally chart to show what the uses of the buildings are.

Gods and Mortals

This half term, Y3 are learning about the Ancient Greeks and how they have influenced our lives. We have located Greece on a map and made comparisons with the UK.

As part of their homework, the children in Y3 have created mythical creatures, which have been imaginatively brought to life in model or sketch form!

Topic homework.


In English, pupils are writing a diary entry based on the Greek myth ‘Daedalus and Icarus’. We have used drama, to get into character, before writing our diaries.

During maths, children have been learning their 3x tables and have represented these using a range of mathematical equipment.

Learning our 3x tables.