Cinderella Experience

The children in Apples class really enjoyed their visit to the Elizabethan House Museum and The Time and Tide Museum. They met Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Dusilla (The Ugly Sister),  and a footman to Prince Charming.

They helped Cinderella do the washing and wrote invitations, learnt to dance for a ball and how to dress for a ball in the olden days.

We had 5 parent helpers, thank you,  who came with us and it was lovely to see how much children, parents and staff enjoyed the trip and how much they have learnt. They are looking forward to holding a Cinderella Ball for parents.

Halloween fun

The children have been talking about how they dressed up for Halloween and went trick or treating so we have been fitting their learning around this. You can see how much they are enjoying their learning. Thank you to our Parent Helper who encouraged them to find their own way to make spiders.

Literacy – writing spells, Maths – making and playing with Halloween playdough – full nearly full, half full, nearly empty, empty, longest, longer, long, short, shorter, shortest.  Understanding the World – comparing how different people celebrate with Halloween and Mexican Day of the Dead.  Expressive art and design – making spiders, spider webs and colour potion spells, Communicating- talking about what we are doing and making up stories about witches, fairies and zombies.

Reception Story Cafe

Reception Story Cafe

The children and parents enjoyed the story Aliens Love Underpants and worked together to complete activities. These included making Fruit Aliens, colouring in underpants, alien maths and making Aliens Love Underpants stick puppets to retell the story.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Reception had a fantastic school trip to the Sea Life Centre. After spending some time looking at all the different sea creatures, we had a picnic outside and some play time on the beach. We were even very brave and dipped our toes in the cold sea!

Snail Trail!

The children have been really interested in the minibeasts in the garden. When we found a snail one afternoon, we used the opportunity to practise our observational drawing. The children did a brilliant job and really took their time looking closely at the snail and drawing what they could see.


This week, Reception had an exciting delivery of 10 eggs. After much discussion about what could hatch from the eggs and some patient waiting, the children were very excited to see cracks appearing in the eggs and then watched the chicks hatch. The children have enjoyed holding and stroking the chicks and lots of parents and older brothers and sisters have been keen to see the new arrivals as well!

Focus child

What is a focus child?

This is when we ask parents/carers to fill in a letter about their child’s interests and things that are important to them, birthdays, trips etc.

As their teachers we then observe the focus child and this helps us to identify their interests so we can plan activities linked to their interests to help them learn.

The following week we meet with the parents/carers to share the exciting work they have been doing and their progress. Together we talk about their next step and how we can support the Focus child to achieve this.

Chinese New Year

In Reception we are learning about Chinese New Year. We have listened to the story of the Jade Emperor and how the animals had a race to see where they came in their race to be on the Chinese Zodiac. This has fitted in really well with learning ordinal language in maths – first, second, third etc.

We are looking forward to eating a Chinese food banquet and watching some dragon dancing on the whiteboards.

We are going to have the opportunity to paint pictures of dragons, make kites and dance like a dragon.


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