Covid-19 Information

COVID 19 risk assessment


Dear Parents/Carers,

It was lovely to see so many children coming in to meet their teacher for next year. We are really looking forward to seeing them all in September. I’m sure you have many questions around arrangements for September and over how school will operate. We will be returning to something that is near normal but with measures in place, according to DFE guidance and county risk assessments that we have developed for our site.

When does my child return to school?

This year, to ensure social distancing and meet the guidance, we will have a phased return to school over the first 3 days. We have to operate staggered start and finish times – please see table below.

Monday 7th September – Reception and years 5 and 6 children return to school. .

Year 3 and 4 will start back on Tuesday 8th September.

Years 1 and 2 will start back on Wednesday 9th September.


Year group Start time Finish time
Reception group 1 8.50am 12.30am (week 1 only)
Reception group 2 9.10am 12.40am (week 1 only)
Year 1 9.10am 3.30pm
Year 2 9.10am 3.30pm
Year 3 9.00am 3.20pm
Year 4 9.00am 3.20pm
Year 5 8.40am 3.00pm
Year 6 8.40am 3.00pm
Siblings (families with children in more than one year group 8.50am 3.10pm


What happens if I have children in different year groups with different start and finish times?

From Wednesday, parents/carers with children in years with different start and finish times can arrive at 8.50 and line up on spots – these will be organised by bubbles – year R, year 1/2, year3/4 and year 5/6. (see sibling times in table above)

For ALL children, please where possible leave your child at the gate. If you need to accompany your child into the playground, you should take them to a spot, leave them immediately and exit through a separate gate to which you will be directed. At the end of the day, children will be lined up on spots and parents will be asked to collect their child and leave immediately via the exit gate. There will be no opportunity to speak to a teacher at the start or end of the day but there will still be non- class based staff at the gate for urgent messages.

PLEASE adhere to the drop off and pick up times – arrive on time for the start and end of day and leave as soon as you have dropped off and collected. PLEASE do not arrive early or gather at the gate – the passage outside the gate is narrow and the staggered times are to ensure that adults do not gather in groups. If you arrive early or late, it affects the other groups. Times are tight but we need to get all children into school as quickly as possible.

PLEASE RESPECT the need for all adults to socially distance. Ensure you stay 2 metres away from staff and other adults – there should not be any gatherings at the gates and parents should not use the start and end of the day to socialise. Arrive and leave directly please.

Does my child have to come back to school?

Every child is expected to return to school in September. While we recognise that some people may feel apprehensive, an extensive range of measures has been put in place to comply with DFE guidance and school will be a safe environment. Non- attendance will be followed up by the school and the usual processes will be followed, including fines if necessary.

Have behaviour expectations in school changed?

There will be an expectation that children follow instructions and remain in their bubble. Children are expected to stay in their seat in class and give space to other children. We will be updating our behaviour policy and this will be send to you via School Ping at the start of the new school year.

What should I do if I need to speak to the class teacher?

Unfortunately, we are not able to have face to face meetings in school. All communication should be by email, telephone call or through the ne new app ‘School Ping’. Parents will not be able to come into the school office as before. All payments for lunches etc should be made through School Ping so please make sure you have downloaded it onto your phone. (Most parents have done this so thank you!)

Should my child wear uniform?

YES! From September the expectation is that all children return to school in full uniform including proper school shoes – not trainers. (Please see uniform requirements on the website if you are unsure) On P.E. days, we are asking children to come in wearing their PE kit because this avoids the need for children to change in school. On colder days, this should be a plain warm tracksuit, in line with the uniform guidance on the school website. Plain dark shorts and t-shirt can be worn on warm days – please not football kit or branded items.

Will breakfast and after school clubs run?

YES – both will be open as usual from 7th September. Parents will need to book their child in for breakfast club– using a from that will be on School Ping by 4th September. For after school care please contact Revolutionary Roots on 07534412559

What can children bring in to school?

Children should only bring a coat, a hat, a packed lunch, a bottle of water and a small bag in which to take a book home. NOTHING else should come in to school. All other equipment will be provided by the school.

How do I order and/or pay for school meals?

School will no longer accept payments in cash – this avoids having adults on the school site and takes away the need for office staff to handle cash.  ALL payments will be via School Ping and further details on how to use this will come out before the new year begins.

Due to having reduced capacity in our dining room, having meals brought tin from another school while we have no kitchen  and the need to stagger lunch times, hot school meals will not be provided until we move into the new school in November or unless the need to have bubbles and socially distance change. School packed lunches are the only option for those entitled to free school meals and those in Reception and year 1 and 2 who have the universal entitlement.

There will be a choice of sandwich fillings and orders should be made  over the weekend or by 9.00am on a Monday morning for the week ahead using School Ping.

There will be no provision for the sale of break time snacks – this is not allowed under the guidance. Children will need to bring in a snack from home please.

Am I entitled to free school meals?

The free school meal entitlement is for parents who meet certain criteria regarding hours worked and income. It is about much more than just having a meal – the school attracts funding for every pupil who is in receipt of this. If your circumstances have changed and you think you may be eligible, please go to the following link: Those who were entitled all received £15 a week per child in vouchers during lockdown. Being entitled to a meal as a key stage one or reception child is NOT the same. And would not attract a voucher in future should there be another lockdown.

Will face coverings be worn in school?

  1. The guidance makes it clear that neither staff nor children should wear face coverings in school. Children who wear a covering for the journey to school should remove it at the school gate.

Will children need to socially distance at school?

Bubbles have been set up in school and children can mix within those groups. We have 4 groups – a nursey/reception bubble, a year1/2 bubble, a year3/4 bubble and a year 5/6 bubble. These groupings have been chosen to ensure we can run the school and give children staggered breaks and lunches.

In class, children will all face the front and sit side by side- not opposite each other. Gatherings for assemblies, parent cafes etc will not be able to take place at this time.

Will there be a parents evening in the autumn term?

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to hold meetings in school. You will receive a mentoring form and there will be the opportunity to speak to the teacher on the phone or make contact by email.

Will there be additional cleaning during the school day?

All classes will have anti-bacterial wipes and surfaces will be cleaned regularly. Surfaces that are touched frequently will be disinfected during the day. Toilets will receive additional cleaning and each bubble will have dedicated toilets. Children will need to sanitise their hands on entry to school and regular handwashing will happen during the day.

Will there be trips and visits?

In the autumn term, there will be no trips or visits that require transport by coach. Local walking visits will still take place. There are no residential trips in the autumn term – this will be reviewed if the guidance changes.

What happens if there is an outbreak or a child tests positive?

The Health and Safety team at county are writing this part of the risk assessment and we will follow all the guidance to the letter. If we have to close a bubble, home learning will be provided and children will be expected to complete all activities set.


I apologise for the length of this communication and hope we have answered all your questions – at least initially!

We are really looking forward to having all the children back in September and the move into our new school in November. Have a lovely summer break.