Home Learning Reception

Welcome to the Reception home learning page. Below are some suggested timings we would encourage you to spend on each activity  daily.

Feel free to look at other Year groups home learning pages if you feel your child would like a challenge.

20 minutes per day – a writing task.   Focus on 1 sentence per week to help with remembering the correct letters to write to sounds and how to correctly form letters. We have learnt all ‘single’ sounds now (each LETTER sound of the alphabet), and the following digraphs:

  • sh, ch, th, ng, nk, qu, ee

We have also covered these ‘red’ words (words that cannot be sounded out)

  • the, I, no, of, go, to, she, we, he, be, me, they, all, are, her

We will be sending home phonic books to write in, please try and use one page at a time and fill the page to maximise the amount of paper you have.


Username: March20 Password: home

20 minutes per day – reading. We recommend still reading as much as possible.  Although reading books cannot be swapped and changed as they normally if you access the Oxford Owl website you can create a free account with access to eBooks at the right reading level for your child. Depending on the timescale we have planned to upload videos to Tapestry of new sounds and tricky words. Twinkl also have offered free accounts for parents which is a fantastic resource with eBooks of story books and audio books.

Get epic is a free website with a range of ebooks and audio books for the children to enjoy.

Just click on the student/educator button and enter the class code : hja8275


‘Myon’ is a website full of a wide range of books for the children to share and read. Click on the link below to access the website.



20 minutes per day – a maths task. We cover both number and shape, space and measure in Reception. We have covered numbers to 20. Maths can be completed using household items. For example addition and subtraction can be completed using physical items.





halving activity sheet

Easter doubling sheet

Number formation activity booklet

Letter blending activity booklet

Phonics Read and Race Game