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Good morning, Year 2!


Ideas to support your Year 2 child:

Year 2 suggested daily timetable

  • Read everyday
  • Write book reviews for the books you finish
  • Keep a diary
  • Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Complete calculations using all four operations (+, -, x and ÷)
  • Measure objects around your home and record the lengths
  • Go on a shape hunt, write the names of all the shapes you find, then make a table and record the number of faces, edges and vertices for each object.
  • Draw a plan for a home for an animal of your choice. Make a model of your design.
  • Find different items around your home and try to work out what they are made of. Can you put them in groups based on their similarities?
  • Create a self portrait using only a pencil. Repeat but this time in colour. Repeat but this time colour it in only red, blue, green.
  • Collect leaves and make an animal pictures out of leaves. What animals can you make?
  • Plan a healthy meal for your family. What foods are healthy?What does the body need to stay healthy? What food will you choose?
  • Learn to tie your shoelaces.
  • Practise reading time on a clock in your house

Homework menu Y2

Early Morning Work:

wc 23.03.20

wc 30.03.20


Maths Mastery weeks 1 – 2

Maths mastery week 3-5

Maths week 2

Printable resources have been included in your printed pack.


Amazing Antarctica

SATs style assessment – Paper 1

SATs style assessment – Paper 2 reading booklet

SATs style assessment – Paper 2 answer booklet


Year 1 & 2 spellings

Spellings Week 2

  • Practise writing your spellings in silly sentences
  • Play hangman with your spellings
  • Create a spelling scribble
  • Look, say, cover and write your spellings


Useful websites:

Readiwriter (spelling)

Weekly spellings practice

MyOn – online books

Links to Accelerated Reader – keep up with your quizzes!

Please see the Parent Guide to myON – make sure you ‘Connect Now’ to link to your reading level

Login: Your first initial followed by the first four letters of your surname e.g. BGADS (all capitals)

Password : ABC

Accelerated Reader

Handwriting practice

Practise letter formation and joining your handwriting

Get Epic! Get reading!

2 Damson class login: zhg5196

2 Peaches class login: wky2437

Writing Ideas

Choose a weird or wonderful image and a task to go with it.


Supermovers is a great way to get active and learn at the same time!

ICT games

A range of maths and English activities