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   Summer Term Update

Hope you are all looking after each other.  It is a very difficult time for us all and we are here to support you as best we can.  So as well as learning activities we will also be posting suggestions for social and emotional support too.


PATHS Program Feelings Thesaurus 
Give each student a copy of the Feelings Thesaurus and have them identify how they’re feeling at different points throughout the day. You can also give students copies of the Synonyms and Antonyms Supplemental Activity and the Anger Can Hijack You Supplemental Activity to complete. By keeping a track of their emotions, it may help students better understand and process how they feel.


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Support for Social/ Emotional /Mental Health

Stay Safe Online

Support for Children

Childline – under 19s can call 0800 1111 for free, confidential support

How parents can support Children

Bereavement support

Nelsons Journey Norfolk

Help for Parents




Here are some resources from Norfolk PATH’s team.  These resources offer helpful ideas about how to support children and families with their Emotional/Mental Health during these difficult times.


01 Problem solving understanding others feelings

02 Fair Play Rules 3 steps to problem solving

07 Twiggle3 steps to calm down

Angry Calming Down 2

Calming down Compliment sheet Compliments 1

Fiction to support PATHS March 2017

Frustrated Introduction Sheet to Social and Emotional learning


Making Choices

Parents feeling cards comfortable and uncomfortable

PATHS Feelings Dictionary 

Proud Rules activity


Solving problems

Tips for staying positive and staying learning

Twiggle learns to do turtle


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