Parent Communication


Parent communication

As there will be limited opportunity for parents to speak directly with school staff, we have put in place a number of ways that school staff and parents can keep in touch with each other. These include:

  1. Staff on school gate – There are always staff at the school gate during drop off and collection times. They will have a clipboard with them and can take messages for teachers and other school staff. However, we don’t want to encourage large gatherings at the school gate, so please be patient and respect social distancing.
  2. School office – Parents are no longer able to come directly to the office unless they have booked ahead of time. Please call 01493 842063 to talk with office staff.
  3. SchoolPing – This will be our main tool for notifying parents of upcoming events, child illness, school notices and newsletter, reports, clubs, dinners, trips etc. It will also be used as our cashless payment system.
  4. School website – Important notices will be placed on our website, along with school policies, where can i buy levitra cheap curriculum information, home learning and year group pages showing what your child has been up to.
  5. School facebook page – Important notices, upcoming events and community information. There is also a messenger tool to contact us with any important questions.
  6. Year group emails – This will be used for home learning and also as a way for teachers and parents to communicate directly. This is the best place for parents to ask their child’s teacher any class based questions or share concerns and request a call back from their teacher.
  7. Tapestry – this is used across Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to share pupils’ progress.

We understand that this is very different from what you will be use too and we too will miss the opportunity to chat face to face as much as we use to. We hope that by using the tools above we can continue to have effective communication between home and school in a safe way during these times.

Any questions or problems, please just ask.

Mr Honey and Mrs Juler