Return to school arrangements for September

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are really looking forward to having all the children back in school and want to reassure you that we have put all the recommended safety measures in place. We hope that school will feel relatively normal and that the children enjoy catching up with friends and being in class again.


Return Dates

Just a reminder that children return from 7th September, staggered over the first week back to ease everyone in and help with the initial social distancing measures and new routines. Reception and year 5 and 6 return on Monday 7th, year 3 and 4 on Tuesday 8th and year 1 and 2 on Wednesday 9th. Please ensure your children return on the correct days. We have staggered the start and finish times (information sent out at the end of the summer term via School Ping and also placed on the school website and FB page). Please drop and collect children and leave the school site quickly – don’t hang around please.


Social Distancing

It is vitally important that you adhere strictly to the start and finish times given so that we keep bubbles apart and reduce the number of adults arriving and leaving at the same time. We have everything in place in school, but it is important that we don’t have large gatherings of adults in the small space outside the gates. It may be difficult at times for you to maintain a 2 metre distance so to keep yourselves safe, you might like to consider wearing a face covering when dropping off and collecting children. If your children are of an age that you can let them come in on their own – maybe leaving them at the top of the steps – then please do so to ease congestion and allow parents of younger children to have more space. We ask respectfully that only one adult per household brings children to school and if you arrive too early that you wait away from the school gates – either up on the bridge or on the seafront. We know none of this is easy but thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are just trying to keep everyone safe!



We are aware that the usual chats on the playground with other parents and staff are no longer possible in these strange times but also want to ensure that we keep channels of communication as open as we can with you and maintain contact. There will be staff on the school gate in the morning but please respect the fact that they too need to keep their distance from other adults – it is unfair to expect them to come into close contact with all the parents of children we have at school. If you need to speak to them, they may wear a visor to protect themselves. School Ping will be used for all communication, ordering and payment for lunches etc – more details will follow so don’t worry. We will no longer be handling cash – most schools operate like this these days and the current situation has prompted us to come up to date! The school website will be updated regularly, and Facebook will also highlight important information.

If you need to speak to a member of staff, please call the school office or tell an adult on the gate and they will call you back- no need to worry about having credit on your phone. Additionally, you can use the year group emails.

Thank you to all of you who have downloaded the School Ping App – the vast majority of parents have signed up – if you haven’t done so yet then please do because this is going to be the way you receive texts, newsletters,  school information and the way in which you will be asked to pay for lunches trips etc. It is easy to use and will notify you when a new message arrives. If you are experiencing any problems or need help, please let us know. PLEASE BEAR WITH US IN THESE UNPRECENDENTED TIMES WHILE WE IRON OUT ANY ISSUES. We are doing our utmost and appreciate your understanding.


What can children bring to school?

Children should only bring a coat, a hat, a packed lunch, a bottle of water and a small bag in which to take a book home. NOTHING else should come in to school. All other equipment will be provided by the school. Where at all possible we ask the children do not bring a mobile phone to school as they cannot be stored in the office any longer. Where it is essential to have a phone at school they will need to be kept in class and given to the class teacher. The school cannot take responsibility for any losses or damage whilst in school.


PE Days

You will be notified of PE days for your child, once we return, and your children will need to come to school in their kit on those days to avoid the need to change in school. Please try to remember. The children will be reminded the day before too.


Absence and Illness

Things will be a little different, but I am sure we will all get used to the new arrangements for as long as they are necessary. If your child is ill, you must let us know immediately and should we be concerned about symptoms in school that could be COVID19 we will contact you to collect your child. Tests can easily be arranged to discount the virus so that children with coughs and colds can be in school. Please just ask us. We want to avoid unnecessary absence but also keep everyone in school safe. We expect to see all children back in school and very much look forward to seeing them all.


Kind regards


D Whiting

Head teacher