Message from Mrs Whiting

Dear Parents/carers,
 I hope you are all well and coping as well as you can with the current ‘lockdown’ situation. At times. it feels unreal and I wonder both how long it will continue and how we will return to something near normality. I really hope that schools will be able to open safely, before the school year ends, so that we can say proper goodbyes to year 6 and prepare the children for transition either into school for the first time or into their new year group.
 In the meantime, teachers will be updating the website with learning activities for children to follow. I realise it is hard for those of you working from home to supervise the learning of your children and also for others who may not have the internet or space for several children to work. Just do what you can and we will help them to catch up when schools return.
We have a list of those children we expect to return to school on Monday – those whose parents are key workers and have already told us that they need a space for their child. The situation across the country is grim and the virus is spreading. The safest place for you and your children remains at home and as a school we have been asked to remind parents of this. IF YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CHILD AT HOME THEN YOU SHOULD DO SO. Places in school are only for vulnerable children and those whose parents are both key workers – coming buy alprazolam online usa into school brings children and adults from different households together and therefore, the fewer children in school the safer it is for everyone. For those who are coming in, please don’t arrive before 9am and be at the gate at 3pm prompt to collect your children. Please practice social distancing and stay at least 2 metres apart ,while you wait.
We are in the position of having several staff who are unwell and symptomatic. I have a family member who is very unwell at this time too and we just need to limit unnecessary contact outside the family home as much as possible. Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. We are open for frontline key workers who have no alternative but to have their children looked after in school. We will not be opening on either of the May bank holidays and will only open for half term if absolutely necessary. (Assuming schools are still closed.)
Looking ahead, we will not be issuing the normal end of year reports because lots of the year’s learning won’t have been covered. You will receive a mentoring form and a general comment to say how your child has done up to the end of the spring term. This will come out in due course.
I wish you all well in the coming weeks. Stay safe and stay at home. I look forward to the first day that school is open again and life being back to somewhere near normal.
Best wishes
D Whiting