Free School Meals voucher scheme

Dear Parents/carers,
We finally received some guidance about the purchase of Free School Meal vouchers today! As you know, we have already given out vouchers to those who are entitled because we thought that you shouldn’t have to wait!
 The guidance states that each child will get £3.00 a day which is more than the £2.30 the we allocated – we did not have this higher figure available at the time of sending so sent the cost of a school meal. We also provided vouchers for the first two weeks after Easter – because we didn’t want a gap between the current voucher and the next. It seems we should only have provided a voucher up until the end of this week.
In light of this new information, we will can you buy zolpidem in mexico adjust the amount we give to you in your next voucher allocation to ensure you receive the additional 70 pence a day. You have actually received more than we should have given out at this time but I am sure that schools will remain closed for some time so we will be able to address matters going forward and ensure that the correct monies are paid to you.
School will close at 3pm tomorrow and reopen on 20th April. Free School Meals vouchers are not payable during a school holiday period.
I hope you are all staying well. Keep up to date will information via the school website and Face Book page.
D Whiting